5 Points to Consider Before Running the Electrical Installations

In the realization of residential electrical installations, the installer supplies all the labor, materials, tools, equipment and all the necessary services to complete the electrical work indicated and / or specified in the electrical project.

To carry out a piped electrical installation it is necessary that we start by organizing an order, which must comply with the following phases:

Points to Consider Before Running the Electrical Installations

Points to Consider Before Running the Electrical Installations

Draft. This must be done to avoid mistakes that could spoil the entire work. As soon as we have the plan for the work, we must put ourselves in complete agreement with the architect or builder who is in charge of the work to make sure of the needs that will be had about:
  •         Lighting.
  •         Contacts
  •         Pipe and outlet for T.V.
  •         Contacts on the floor.
  •         Special departures
  •         Lighting extensions (patio and garden)
  •         Dampers.
  •         General cargo
  •         Division of circuits.
  •         Controllers of each circuit that do not exceed the recommended 1500 watts.

Budget. When we have determined and solved all these problems, we continue to plan the tubing project; We must take out the list of materials and expenses, as shown below:
  •         Transportation expenses (tickets, gasoline and others).
  •         Operators' time.
  •         Expenses for the costs of the plans.
  •         Expenses for authorization management (permits).
  •         Management expenses before the energy supplier company.
  •         Expenses expenses.

Material's list. To carry out the installation it will be necessary to have the following material:
  •         Tubes (enough)
  •         Monitors and locknuts.
  •         Connection boxes
  •         Black wire for mooring
  •         Nails for boxes
  •         Paper for the filling of the boxes.

List of equipment and tool. All this will start until the moment of casting comes. As soon as we have the notice that we should begin to pipe, we will proceed to list the following equipment and tools:
  •         Bank for the press.
  •         Press.
  •         Seguetas.
  •         Hammers

 Tarraja with the appropriate dice to the thickness of the conduit tube with which it is going to work.
  •         Fat for tarraja.
  •         Chisels
  •         Eyehole.
  •         Tweezers.
  •         Screwdrivers
  •         Pair of taps.
  •         Reamer.
  •         Cord.
  •         Bender.
Installation. The more the circuits are divided, the higher the safety and comfort index in the installation and the material to be used will be determined according to the case, while the pipeline for outdoor lighting should be abundant, in case more lights are needed. last moment, taking into account the potential drops in long distances.


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